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Masa Sushi Japan provides Japanese Sushi Restaurant, Bento Box, California Rolls, Vegetarian Maki, Nigiri Sushi, Revolving Sushi Bar etc in Mountain View.



Yoon W.

Such a great deal! This review will be based on value of this place. I visited here for my quick lunch. I have seen this place for a while but never had a...

Stevens M.

Amazing. The store is small and not to impressive but the food is off the charts. Must try this Japan style sushi.

Steven Lin

This is a combination poke bar and fast food sushi, but everything is made to order. The quality is really good. I have to call out especially the avocado, which was perfect. All of the fish was fresh. The rolls are a good value. If I had to mention one negative, it is that...

Atilla Yadik

I love this place. Not only delicious but great price.

David Liu

I eat poke very often and this place has really good poke. The salmon and yellow tail are very fresh. The sushi rice is very good. Service is good. $13 was a good portion.

Abbie Girl

Authentic, unassuming place with high quality fish. A bit of a hidden, overlooked place Mountain View. Not as fancy looking as other sushi restaurants which is why it's never crowded. Prices are super affordable which is part of the charm, enough so that dad often buys an extra...

Monday - Saturday

11:00am - 9:00pm